What is Kloperindo?
One of Leading Spices, Coffee & Agriculture Exporter, Distributor, and Supplier based in Indonesia. Established in 2020 and keep going for supplying Worldwide, with stand together with local best farmers from many islands in Indonesia, We are gladly to be the main sources of your needs.
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-Good HONEST quality-

At Kloperindo quality is never an accident and we believe It is always the result of intelligent effort. That's why we use the best quality natural processing ingredients to make our products.

We provide the best quality with natural processing to make our quality of spices & coffee better. We don't use any artificial additives and preservatives. As a result our products are tastier and healthier.

We call it - Good Honest Quality - Simple products made from the freshest and highest quality ingredients sourced directly from farmers that use sustainable farming techniques. We believe that greater quality is the key to our philosophy.

Bon Appetit!

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Export and Trading of whole spices and coffee from all over indonesia.
24 Hours ready to connect with you.
Ports: Surabaya, Jakarta, Belawan
Jakarta | +62851  7447  7605
Our Farmers
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We visit all of our suppliers directly for looking the best quality we can provide for customers and we spend a lot of time exploring from several island to several village in Indonesia.
We show our effort to improve the living standard of farmers.
We believe in relationship from our main sources to customer, keep our relation good the long lasting we are together.
-- Indonesian Spices & Coffee Exporter --
Our Facilities
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Our main warehouse for spices is in Surabaya, located in Margomulyo Warehouses, near Tanjung Perak port.
We have additional warehouses which we kept together the goods with the farmer to reeduces the cost of warehouses. Usually we kept the goods with the farmers mainly coffee so they can looked up the goods condition, keep it fresh, and keep it fast if some customer want some details about it directly from the farmers warehouse.
Quality Control Commitment
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Our products are produced, cleaned, sorted, handled, process, package, and transported.
We only analyze our products with Certified Laboratories by the Indonesian Government and Ministry of Health of Indonesia in order to reach international food safety standards.
Full Process Production
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✓ Recieving Department
✓ Cleaning and Processing Department :
Raw Materials are graded, cleaned, packed according to request specification.
✓ Administration Department :
Documents prepared according customs requirements at each destination.
✓ Laboratory QC Department :
All incoming raw materials are checked as per specifications of quality before stored in our warehouse by laboratory facilities. We submit Result of Analysis and Health Certificate as needed as fit for human consumption.
✓ Packaging Department :
Our product can be packed in bags/cartons from 10 kilos to our standard 70 kilos. Our packaging also follows as per the request of the customer. The cargo weighed under supervision the scale was clean and well balanced and was duly verified by state board of Metrology.
✓ Insurance (as agreement with customer)
✓ Loading Department/Shipping :
We have competitive rates on ocean freight and terminal handling arrangements with shipping lines that ensure availability of containers and space at schedule of the liner. We checked container for cleanliness and good condition before being stuffed and trucked to the port of loading. Our spices are exported from the ports of Surabaya & Coffee depends on origin of the goods nearly port.

Our Vision

  • To be Indonesia's Leading Agriculture Brand that move in Spices & Coffee by Processing, Growing, and Promoting Globally.

Our Mission

  • To Provide the most highest quality of spices & coffee and showing the real values of Indonesian agriculture plantation.
  • To Continuosly improving the economy standard for the life of our people and show them the values they gave to the world.