Fermentation coffee will be the leader in the market
anaerobic process

In this process, the coffee cherries that have been picked are selected and washed. Then, put it in a stainless steel container and close it tightly, so that no air (oxygen) enters. Fermentation is carried out using water and microorganisms in coffee cherries.

The fermentation process breaks the skin of the coffee beans. The time required for the fermentation process is around 18 to 24 hours. Meanwhile, drying takes around 3 to 4 days before being moved to the 'African Drying Beds' where it will be left for 18 to 20 days. Yes, it's long enough to be able to consume coffee processed with fermentation like this.


Some say that this process is a fairly complicated biochemical process. How come? Anaerobic Fermentation involves several chemical processes. As reported on the Barista Hustle website, the chemical process in question includes; Hydrolysis (adding water), Acidogenesis (conversion of sugar and fatty acids into alcohol), Acetogenesis (producing hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas), and Methanogenesis (gas formation carried out by microbes).

The chemical work processes that occur cause differences in pH levels, temperature, pressure, and sugar levels. It requires precision and skill in carrying out the coffee cherry washing process to produce a unique coffee taste.

The fermentation carried out on coffee, especially in the Anaerobic Fermentation process, is aimed at getting a sour taste of coffee, like wine and a sweet taste that is left behind like 'creamy', cinnamon and leaving an impression of thickness in the body texture. Feel the difference in taste!

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