Open Your Eyes for this incredible fermentation
Gayo wine coffee

Coffee is processed starting from green beans, then there is a fermentation process. So it tastes more sour. Meanwhile, Gayo coffee is generally processed using a semi-wash method. This type of coffee is known to many people who understand coffee. However, whether this type of coffee is special or not cannot be generalized. Because, it depends on the opinion of each person who enjoys it.


Seeing that there is still a market for Aceh Gayo Wine Coffee, this coffee is considered a special coffee for its lovers. Especially, people who like coffee with a sour taste.

Therefore, the taste of Gayo Coffee has a more concentrated coffee body. Hanan explained that when Gayo Coffee is made into Gayo Wine Coffee, the taste will be similar to the taste of wine. There is Aceh Gayo Wine Coffee which doesn't taste like the body of the coffee. So there is very little bitter taste, there is sweetness and sourness. That's what makes people like Gayo Wine.

If according to some people, whether it is true or not, it needs to be corrected that Gayo Wine is a coffee process that failed at first, it turns out that there is a market that likes it.

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